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Sparkling wines are gaining popularity among consumers and, especially Prosecco, which is the most sold Italian wine abroad. Prosecco DOC is the symbol of simple, refined drinking, intrinsically tied to the unmistakable Made in Italy lifestyle.

Everyone loves Organic Prosecco

Within this category, the organic segment has grown significantly especially in northern Europe. This data is confirmed by Nomisma Wine Monitor, which reports a 22% market share of the total wine consumption in Sweden being organic wine. Italy is leader within this category with 42% (36% in 2015). Of the 10 most popular Organic wine labels in the world, 6 were Italian wines and the first three are Prosecco.

Wellbeing: is the first value that consumers look for when purchasing food or beverage. In addition the Organic segment in Italy is growing with great attention towards sustainability and natural products. As Nomisma points out, in 2018, the Organic wine consumer base increased: 41% of Italian consumers (between 18 and 65) had an Organic wine, weather at home or at the restaurant. This growth is significant, considering that the market share of Organic wines in 2013 was only 20%.

The difference is the level of energy and innovation used and the grapes are grown with no pesticides or herbicides used in the vineyard. Some old methods are used for Organic Prosecco, which guarantee fewer pesticides attacks.

Enoitalia is the 2nd producer of Prosecco in Italy

Understanding the market trends, Enoitalia was among the first to produce Prosecco on a large scale with VOGA Italia and its Prosecco Brut and today it exports such excellence of Made in Italy to 80 countries in 4 continents.
In recent years we have chosen to invest in organic Prosecco – a choice that allows us to intercept those consumers who want to drink with attention to the environment and their well-being.

Among our organic wines is Alberto Nani, an extra dry Prosecco designed for the most qualified restaurant and sold throughout Europe for its personality. An organic sparkling wine crafted from Glera grapes grown without the use of pesticides, insecticides and herbicides, to promote biodiversity and the preservation of the territory. What delights about Alberto Nani is its vivid and pleasantly complex floral bouquet, which gives an anticipation of the lively minerality enclosed in the glass.

Alberto Nani


voga prosecco rose

Voga Italia

Prosecco Rosé

Pop-it Now




Alberto Nani


Gemma di Luna Prosecco

Gemma di Luna


Voga Italia


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