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Enoitalia focuses on vegan certifying some of its wines

21 May 2020

Enoitalia gives consumers a certified guarantee for its vegan wines.


The food market has long been aware of the growth of the vegan segment. GlobalData reports that in the U.S.,the number of vegans has increased by 600% in the past three years. In the UK, however, there has been a 350% increase in a decade. Vegan diet is also a growing trend in Canada, China (with guidelines left by the government) and in Italy, where Eurispes says that vegetarians and vegans has increased of 8.9% of the population in 2019.

Consumers are now looking for vegan wines: the trend has taken hold both in the manufacturing processes and in consumption habits. In fact, more and more winemakers and producers offer wines made without animal-derived interactions, and more and more consumers (more aware of the ethical and social implications of food choices) choose to drink vegan wines.

It is the task of wineries like ours to help consumers to easily identify the wines obtained without the use of product of animal origin. Among the definitions and terms that are used to describe a vegan wine, only those issued by certified consortia can give this guarantee. Enoitalia has decided to adhere to the ICEA standards, undergoing the whole process of evaluation and verification, and certify some of our Bio-Vegan products. Among these, Alberto Nani Prosecco DOC organic and Vegania, the new line of certified vegan wines with a Pinot Grigio Terre Siciliane IGT and a Frappato Shiraz IGT, which bear on the label the brand symbol of our commitment to respect the oenological requirements necessary to offer to those people who choose a vegan wine.