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Enoitalia promotes Drinking Responsibly in Hospitality High Shools

30 May 2019

At Ipsar Hotel Institute in Bardolino Enoitalia talked about local wines and hospitality, raising the awareness of alcohol consumption.


Sustainability becomes a project to share with youngsters. Enoitalia started an activity for Drinking Responsibly at the Bardolino Hospitality High School, on Lake Garda. The students involved were seniors of 18 year of age, they learned about wine, its culture, the territory and ended the activity with service and tasting.
​​The activity is part of a sustainability project that Enoitalia started when joining VIVA, a certification promoted by the Italian Ministry of Environment.
​​Luana Cappuzzo, Marketing Director at Enoitalia, stated: “Our way of being sustainable is to communicate with Young people, those who will be Ambassadors of wine and that will be working to deliver our territory and culture and the sense of drinking responsibly.”