Respect is a fundamental value for us at Enoitalia for every relationship we establish: with our customers, consumers, suppliers and collaborators.
We work every day in full transparency with integrity being the true expression of our corporate strategy.
In our Ethical Code we have identified the values that are at the base of our business.


A key value at Enoitalia. It represents our outlook on the future.
We innovate every day, identifying trends and creating new ways of enjoying wine and developing innovative packaging. We constantly invest in innovation also with new technologies, we have in fact created an automated state of the art facility, which guarantees high quality standards and volumes and full safety for our employees.


Quality and safety translate into reliability for customers who count on us always being on target, punctual and focused on long-term relationships.
The people and our knowledge of the market have made Enoitalia reliable partners for major International chains. Today Enoitalia is one of the top 10 wine companies in Italy.


We believe in replying to customers’ requests in a quick and efficient way. Our flexibility and responsiveness are what have distinguished our activity over the last 30 years.